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Stainless Steel Products.|Computer and Peripherals.|Gemstones.|Food Products.|Oil and Gas Industry.|Furniture.|Lighting and Decorations.|Other Commercial and Industrial.

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It was year 1992 when we marked our presences in the Iran's market. After more than 20 years, Tarasheh Paya, a company offers to your industry cost effective quality products and services. Our aim is to cater the needs of the ever growing Industrial and commercial Sector with wide product range. Our goal is to be the most reliable supplier to enhance customer confidence with a quest for excellence in quality is a tradition to reckon with. Our company is well positioned to continue our growth and success. We have a motivated & highly skilled management & professional team who is dedicated and focused on serving our clients with integrity, knowledge and quality.


Brief Introduction: Tarasheh Paya Co. is playins the role of the parent company for several sectors and its divisions for different types of businesses. The main focus is the Import and Export activities for supprting our group of companies and to serve our respected customers. we are professional for the below categories:

1- Stainless Steel Products
2- Computer and peripherals
3- Gemstones
4- Food products
5- Oil and Gas industry
6- Furniture
7- Lighting and decorations
8- Other commercial and industrial


Import products and services from China, Taiwan, Europe, USA to Iran

Export Iran products and services to all over the world

Wholesale and distribution of the products in the specific local market

Market study and business plan for establishing new business

Service center and after sales support and warranty service provider

Indusrial and production solution provider / OEM services



Mr. Seyed Mahmoud Amini

Managing Director

Mr. Majid Amini

Chairman of the Board

Mrs. Shahnoush Tangestani

Member of Board

Mr. Seyed Mohsen Amini

Member of Board

Mr. Haider Abdolrahman

Member of Board

Our Sub-Companies

Steel Karimi / (Steela Shop)

As a very successful business we have beeen importing Stainless Steel products and accessories for distribution in Iran through our partner Steel Karimi Our product ranges include Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes from different grades and all the related accessories. We import from several wellknown suppliers in China and Taiwan

Kimia Stone. (Gemstones)

As a precious part of our business, we have been importing gemstones and silver gewels for our online local shop. We also have a team of professional craftmen for production of gemstone jewelleries for wholesale and online retail sale. We import from Several Suppliers in China, Thailand, Turkey.

Chantiq Furniture

We are proud of having long experience of importing furniture and decoration materials and selling them in Iran's market by our Chantiq furniture division.We import from several suppliers in China and Malaysia

Tarasheh Paya Computer Hardware division

Our first ever business was import and distribution of computer hardware and peripherals in our main company. We already have the license for industrial activity as PC assembling and hardware distribution. We have skilled department for after sales support and service center for this range.


Our Headquarters

Head Quarter:
3rd Floor, No. 200, Karimkhan Ave.
Tehran, Iran
Phone: +98 21 88809801
Post Code: 1598874141
Mofateh Branch Office:
No. 376, North Mofateh Ave
Tehran, Iran
Phone: +98 21 88523361
Post Code: 1587966111

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